Ethnology, BA

The students of ethnology will become familiar with the notion of culture, with the material and spiritual aspects of popular culture. They will learn about the history of popular culture, about the changes occurred over time in the notion of culture and about the different anthropological approaches of various cultural processes. An important part of the program is the practical side of education that offers the students the possibility to carry out ethnographic and anthropological fieldwork in different settings (archives, various communities, institutions etc.) and to work in museum with internships. In the framework of the fieldwork and internships, they learn the research techniques (ethnographic data collection, use of the cameras etc.) and the different aspects of the museum work. During the studies there is much emphasis on the development of individual capabilities: students elaborate research projects and based on these carry out researches.

Cultural Studies, BA

The main goal of the Cultural Studies program is to produce well-informed, responsive, unbiased professionals who are trained to work with people coming from different cultural backgrounds. This program prepares students for various professional careers with a broad range from multicultural education to cultural mediation and to cultural management. In the framework of internships organized in collaboration with different institutions (NGO-s and public institutions as well) students will be prepared for an interdisciplinary approach and understanding of different socio-cultural phenomena. They will take part in the designing, organization and implementation of cultural projects and events, will elaborate institutional development plans, applied projects focused on certain topics etc.

Culture and society: between tradition and modernity, MA

The MA program Culture and society: between tradition and modernity aims at targeting especially those who wish a career as a researcher, museologist, museum educator, editor, or cultural expert. Our MA program, while offering advanced courses in different fields of ethnology and anthropology, creates the possibility of accumulation of individual research experience through the task of planning and carrying out an own research project and through internships. Students, amongst others, will elaborate case studies that focus on different socio-cultural phenomena including the assessment of the cultural heritage resources of different communities. The essential elements of the program are the balance between theoretical and practical knowledge, and the multidisciplinary and multicultural approaches. Applicants must hold a BA degree and at the interview must present the research project of their future MA thesis.

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