Könczei Csilla

FMT_1233059302_konczei_csillaPERSONAL DATA:
Name: Könczei
Surname: Csilla
E-mail: kcsilla2003@yahoo.com
Date and place of birth: 1963, Cluj, Romania



dance theory; nonverbal semiotics; visual communication; theory of representation; gender and minority studies; the society of the state-party régime


1998-2004 PhD in Ethnography, Ethnology at Babeş-Bolyai University, Cluj – Romania
1993-1996 doctoral studies in Ethnography at Eötvös Lóránd University (ELTE), Budapest – Hungary, Budapesta – Ungaria
(suspended for the birth of my second child)
1986 BA in Hungarian Language and Literature, English Language and Literature at Babeş-Bolyai University, Cluj – Romania
1982 High school graduation in piano at the Music High-School, Cluj – Romania




Babeş-Bolyai University, Cluj – Romania, Faculty of Letters, Department of Hungarian Language and Culture
Position and function: University Lecturer (1999- ), University Assistant (1994-1999)


Introduction to cultural anthropology
History of cultural anthropology
Visual communication and representation
Introduction to the theory of documentary and anthropological film
Power and representation


Hungarian – native
Romanian – advanced
English – licensed at university
French – medium
Rromani – medium


2007-2008 Ethnobiographical research of society of the state-party régime (Deparment of Hungarian ethnography and anthropology, Faculty of letters, Babeş-Bolyai University)
2005-2008 Visual discourses in anthropological and documentary film (Deparment of Hungarian ethnography and anthropology, Faculty of letters, The Complex Cultural Research Program of the Hungarian University Federation, Masters Program in Gender and Equal Oportunities, Faculty of political sciences, Babeş-Bolyai University)
1999-2000 Representation of ethnicity and interethnic relations in public discourse and day-to-day life (Funded by the Romanian National Agency for Science, Technology and Innovation)
1997-2007 Representation and visual communication in the historical center of Cluj (Individual film-project)
1981-1990 Research of traditional dance in Transylvania and Dobrudgea


Romanian Television Bucharest
Position and function: editor
Period: 1990/1991


2007 Member of the jury of „Dialektus” festival of ethnographical and anthropological films, Budapest, Hungary
2005 Member of the jury of „AlterNative” short film festival, Tg. Mureș, Romania
2004 – Member of the cultural board of Communitas Foundation
2003 Activity as a member in the Masters Program on Social Gender in the frame of the Institute of Cultural Anthropology, Faculty of European Studies, UBB
2003 Coordonating the artistic project called TRANZartDISLOCATED, sustained by the European Council in the frame of „Culture 2000″ program
2002 Member of the jury of „Dialektus” festival of ethnographical and anthropological films, Budapest, Hungary
2000 – Member of the Research Center of Social Gender in the frame of the Institute of Cultural Anthropology, Faculty of European Studies, UBB
2000 – Director of Tranzit House, Center for Contemporary Art and Culture (www.tranzithouse.ro)
1999 – Member of the Collective of Cultural Anthropology of the Faculty of European Studies, UBB, lecturer in its masters program
1997 – Initiator of TRANZIT project for founding of the Center for Contemporary Art and Culture in the building of the former synagogue from the Nameless street, Cluj, curator of artistic events
1995-1996 Founding member of the Collegium of Cultural Studies from Cluj, leading a seminar in visual communication
1993-1996 Member of the independent filmstudio DockArt from Cluj
1986-1990 Freelance ethnographer



2008 Change of experiences at Goldsmith University in the frame of the Masters Program „Gender, Differences and Inequalities” of The Faculty of Political Science and The Interdisciplinary Group for gender Studies, Babeş-Bolyai University, funded by HESP
2007 Visiting profesor at Miskolc University, Faculty of Visual and Cultural Anthropology
2005 Change of experiences at NTNU (Norvegian Technical and Scientific University, Trondheim)
2004 Change of experiences at Max Planck Institute for Social Anthropology, Halle, Germany
2003 Visiting grant at the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) in the frame of Fullbright Program
2002 Visiting grant at University of Sussex, GB in the frame of the Masters Program „Gender, Differences and Inequalities” of The Faculty of European Studies and The Interdisciplinary Group for gender Studies, Babeş-Bolyai University, funded by HESP


1999 (5 – 23 July) “Plight of the Gypsies”, Summer Course at Central European University, Budapest
1996 (23-28 July) “Men and Women in East-European Transition”, Summer Course at Babeş-Bolyai University, Cluj
1993/1994 Research scholarship at Collegium Budapest (Institute for Advanced Studies), Budapest
1991/1992 Research scholarship at the Ethnographical Institute and at the Musicological Insitute of the Academy, Budapest


ICTM – International Council for Traditional Music
“Kriza János” Ethnographical Association
Romanian Association of Cultural Anthropology (SACR)


2008 Action research and feminism, Organizer: Centre for Gender Studies, Babeș-Bolyai University and Desire Foundation, 5-6 December (Panel 4. Action and long-term research)
2008 Reality or fiction? (XI.) International Cinema and Media Studies Conference in Transylvania. Organizer: Sapientia – Hungarian University of Transylvania, Department of Photography, Film and Media & The University of Pécs, 26-28 September (Presenting: The Adventures of a Hi8 Camera in the Romania of the 1980s and 1990s. Filmed Reality in Changing Scopic and Political Regimes)
2008 Come closer. Roma in contemporary Romanian society. Organizer: The Institute for Studying the Problems of National Minorities and Central European University (CEU), 12-19 July (Presenting: Some collaborative projects. Könczei Csilla-Ileana Lăcătuș: Ilonka néni (http://www.npage.org/IMG/pdf/IlonkaNeni.pdf); RromaNative@Co (Experimental dance-theatre project of Tranzit Foundation)
2008 Global webbing of diverging agendas. Synchronicity and asynchronicity in contemporary culture and politics. Organizer: The Institute of Art Theory and Media Studies, Eötvös Loránd University (ELTE), Budapest, 19-21 June (Presenting: Some relocations of a pyramidal structure. Status and collaborationism of minority elites in one-party Romanian dictatorship)
2007 Anthropological imprints. Organizer: The Institute of Cultural Anthropology, Masters in ethnology and cultural anthropology, Faculty of European Studies, BBU, Tranzit Foundation, 15 December
2007 Transmition in dance tradition, Organizer: Department of Ethnography and Cultural Anthropology, University of Szeged, Hungary, 7-9 December (Presenting: The dancing room from Cluj and the political power in 1977-1984. Documents from the archives of the “securitate”)
2007 Lustration – A chance for continuing a stopped change of regime. XVIII. Balvanyos Summer University at Tușnad. Organizer: ErGo Association and Pro Minoritate Foundation, 17-22. July
2007 Academic cultures and the feminist critique. Organizer: „Gender Studies” Centre BBU, Faculty of Political Sciences BBU, Tranzit Foundation, 13. July (Presenting: The gender if the university)
2007 Representing cultural otherness. I. Conference of the Hungarian Association of Cultural Antropology I. – Miskolc Universtity, Miskolc, hungary 31 May – 1 June. (Presenting “Chango” images and the Hungarians from Seven Villages)
2006 Visual education in Hungarian language in Romania. Partium Christian University, Oradea, 24-25 November (Presenting: Reality – vision – society.)
2005 The culture and society of Transylvanian Roma. Organized by : Ethnographical Association Kriza János, Cluj, 17 November (Presenting: Representation of the roma culture in the Hungarian dance research)
2005 International Colloquium « Les Centres de la peripherie » Bucharest, 23-25 September. Organizer: European network of “Banlieues d’Europe”
2005 International Symposium «Associations and civil society» Amiens (France), 26-28. January organized by Jules Verne University of Picardie. (Presenting The case of the rroma minors in Romania in the panel “Militant associations, women and democracy”)
2004 Symposium of the Hungarian Academy in Dance Research, Budapest, september (Presenting „Public discourse about an inexistent science: dance research in the socialist Romania”)
2001 ASU2 – Art Servers Unlimited – Autonomous Spaces, International Conference on Internet, KUC Lamparna, Labin, Croatia, 9-15 August (Presenting the alternative artistic space of Tranzit House, Cluj)
2001 Another March. Workshop Visual representations of the feminine body, Cluj 30-31 March (Presenting and interpreting two original short videos)
2000 Representing Anthropology and Anthropological Representations in Eastern Europe. Regional Anthropological Workshop organized by the Anthropological Institute of BBU, by “Civic Education” Project and by Tranzit Foundation, Cluj, 24-27 September (organizer, moderator of the panel “Visual Anthropology on the Border of Changing”)
2000 Musiques orales et migrations musicales. Questions esthetiques, questions éthiques, Abbayes de Royaumont, France, 22-24 June (Presented paper: Traditional music in communist and postcommunist Romania beyond the battlefield of representations.)
2000 Censorship in Visual Arts and Media, II. International Conference on Censorship. Parnu, Estonia, 10-12. August (Presented paper: Public Images of the Body – a Symbolic Tool for Maintaining Social Hierarchy)
2000 History of Hungarian Ethnography in Romania. Organized by the “Kriza János” Ethnographic Association, Miercurea Ciuc, 18-19 March (Presented paper: Critical history of dance research in Romania between 1944-1989)
1999 Men in transition. Organized by the “Kriza János” Ethnographic Association and the Department of Hungarian Language and Culture UBB, Rimetea, 3-6 December (Presented paper: The male, the tractor and the female. Visual representation of gender roles in communism – a case study)
1998 Round table. Anthropological study of space. Days of the Cluj Academy, Cluj, 25 May – 10 July (Presented paper: Rite and narrative – individual and collective aspects of the semantic construction of public space)
1998 Annual conference of the Romanian Association for Cultural Antropology, Sibiu, 23-25 October
1995 III. International Conference in Shamanism, Nara, 25-30 November,
Japan (Presented paper: Can dumb speak? On the verbal interpretation
of ecstasy)
1995 Music and multiculturalism. Conference of the Council for European Music, Falun, 9-11 July, Sweden
1994 V. Conference of the International Association for Semiotic Studies,
Berkeley, US (Presented paper: Dance and meaning. What are abstract dances about?)
1994 Semiotics and cultural theory. IV. Austrian-Hungarian Colloqvium in semiotics -, Wien, Austria (Presented paper: Dance and meaning. Is there a conceptual thinking in dance?)
1994 Collegium Budapest, Individual lecture (Presented paper: Is dance a language?), Budapest, Hungary
1994 XVIII. Conference of the International Council of Traditional Music, Warsaw, Poland (Presented paper: Dance as a multimedial poetic communication)
1993 Dance and rite. Conference of the Ethnographic Association “Kriza János”, Sf. Gheorghe, November, Romania (Presented paper: Dance as a mother tongue?)
1992 Conference of the Workshop in Semiotical Textology, Szeged, Hungary (Presented paper: Semiotics of dance, multimedial textology: towards a textology of dance)
1990 XVI. International Conference of the International Council for Traditional Music, Budapest, Hungary (Presented paper: Principles of creation of the ritual dance “Borica” )


2008 Cine îi recunoaşte? Tudsz róluk? Missing 1944-2008. Roundtable discussion on the deportation of the Jewish inhabitants of Cluj, Organizer: Tranzit Foundation, Cluj, 30. May
2007-2008 The human pyramid. Discussions about the one party-system dictatorship, Organizers: Tranzit Foundation and The Invisible Colegium (LK), Cluj
2006 ICTM Conference (International Council of Traditional Music), Organizers: ICTM and Tranzit Foundation, Cluj, 10-16. July
2006 Visual Anthropology and Visual Communication in the Higher Educational System, Organizer: Tranzit Foundation & Masters Program in Complex Cultural Research – BBU, Cluj, 20-22. April
2006 Visual workshop, Organizer: Tranzit Foundation & Miskolc University, Hungary, Cluj, 6. December
2000 Representing Anthropology and Anthropological Representations in Eastern Europe. Organized by the Institute of Anthropology BBU, Civic Education Project and Tranzit Foundation, Cluj, 24-27 September


1995 “Internationaler Videokunstpreis” III. ( Karlsruhe, Germany) for the film An Abstract Knowledge
1994 “Martin György” Prize – Accorded by Martin György Association for the Borica Study
1993 Special Prize “Ostranenie” (Dessau, Germany) for the film An Abstract Knowledge
1994 Special Prize of the Foundation „Minden Nap Történelem” (Everyday history) – at the “AlterNative” festival for the film Noi suntem ai nimănui
(We are nobody’s)


Mediawave, Győr, Hungary – 1992, 1993, 1994, 2001
Faith and Imagination, Tg. Mureş, Romania – 1993
Ostranenie, Dessau, Germany – 1993 (prize for video and directing)
Bremen Filmfest, Bremen, Germany – 1994
Feminale, Köln, Germany – 1994
AlterNative, Tg. Mureş, Romania – 1994 (filmprize)
Ostranenie, Dessau, Germany – 1995
Internationaler Videokunstpreis, Karlsruhe, Germany – 1995 (III. prize)
We and They, Cluj, Romania (Opening of TRANZIT House) – 1997
Tranzit Days ’99, Cluj, Romania (Tranzit House) – 1999
Altfest ’99, Bistriţa, Romania – 1999
AlterNative, Tg.Mureş, Romania – 1999
Theatre festival Lausanne, Switzerland – 2000 (I. prize)
New Life, Alternative theatre festival, Sankt-Petersburg, Russia – 2000
Internationale Kurzfilmtage Oberhausen, Germany – 2000